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So if you’ve been following along lately, you’ve noticed I’m not terribly chatty.  It’s not that I don’t have any thoughts, rants or stories to tell, but it’s more that I’m spread a bit thin these days.  Somehow I’ve found myself with not one, not two, but THREE blogs to post to.   The madness!!! 

For the last couple of years, there’s been two major things occupying my thoughts, and my time: the first is riding.  Sportbikes have become mot just a hobby, but a huge passion, one that engulfs much of my time (not to mention, my money).  However, knowing that you, dear reader, probably do not care much about Scarlet (that’s my new bike) or where I rode to last Sunday, I felt it appropriate to direct thoughts and posts in that arena to a specific blog, namely Nee Rides.

The other main focus of my life, for at least the last 18 months or so, has been our wedding. As I posted some time ago, I didn’t want to bombard this blog with updates on color pallettes, wedding gowns or flowers, so I created a space just to vent those wedding-related thoughts, here. And now that the wedding is done (or shall I say, weddings are done), that blog has morphed into one about our lives as newlyweds.

Oh yeah, and I’ve also been attempting to get back to writing on Epinions more regularly.

As things settle down into a more normal state, I shall try to post here more often. But in the meantime, if you miss me, please feel free to check me out at any or all of the above locations. Same Nee, different places.



Peace. Quiet. A distinct lack of chaos. FINALLY.

After almost 17 months of planning, excitement, planning, anticipation, planning and WOO HOOOO, our wedding(s) has come and gone. Much as we tried not to let the tedium of planning take over our lives, to a degree, it still did. Especially toward the end there, these last few months. We were hard-pressed to go a day without having some wedding related project to complete, appointment to go to, or shopping to do. Mind you, I’m not complaining, as it was all very exciting, and the rush of it all was so much fun… I had to remind myself to take time to stop and enjoy it, lest it be over before I even knew it.

And now it’s over….

And now we have peace.

As much as I loved the planning and all that surrounded the wedding itself, I think the tranquility and contentedness that comes with the marriage itself is far more satisfying. Granted, I acknowledge that we’re still in the honeymoon phase, so of COURSE it’s going to be good right now. But more than that, it just feels right. It feels like this is what a happy home and a healthy marriage is supposed to feel like. And it’s just good.

So now it’s time to sit back, take a deep breath, and just enjoy what lies ahead.

We are at .. oh… let’s see…..

T-minus 15 days!!

(till the wedding, that is)


That is all.


First off, let me say, I hate the term “pet owner.”  I don’t believe that by bringing an animal into your home, they become a possession that you now own.  I believe they are a responsibility not unlike a child.  So it follows that I feel very strongly about those who show a complete lack of responsibility with regard to their pets, especially cats and dogs…

What brings this to mind is something that happened to me on Tuesday morning of this week….

(and let me preface this — again — by saying if you’re a critter lover, this is a very sad story….)

So Tuesday, I’m on my way into work.  I’m on a major, 6-lane divided road in morning traffic (going about 50).  I’m in the middle lane, and there’s a Honda Civic in the inside lane, about 2 car lengths behind me.

I’m coming up on a major intersection, when a big dog comes running out into the street.  I slam on the brakes and manage to stop short of hitting him,  but the guy in the lane next to me wasn’t so fortunate (nor was the dog).  The poor pup was killed instantly.

Well I FREAKED… I’m literally hyperventilating, just flipping out and I pull over to collect myself…. (of course, my mind races to “Oh my God, there’s school buses of children going by, seeing this poor creature in the road… what if that dog belonged to one of those kids…..” etc….. yes, my imagination works overtime).

I was just LIVID… so angry, I couldn’t stop screaming (or crying).  It wasn’t this poor pup’s fault that he had irresponsible owners, and yet he’s the one who lost his life because of their selfish stupidity.

As the day wore on, however, I did entertain the idea that he might well have been a homeless dog, a stray (it all happened to quickly for me to notice if he wore a collar or not).  And yet the stray animal population is still a problem rooted in irresponsible pet ownership: refusal to properly contain pets, and refusal to have them spayed and neutered.

So for my second PSA of the day, I would just like to remind everyone of the importance of spaying and neutering.  There’s nothing more to say than it’s simply the RIGHT thing to do.

For more information, please visit:

First Coast No More Homeless Pets


More about Spaying & Neutering


While I know this story has made news at the national level, the story of missing toddler Caylee Anthony hits particularly close to home for those of us here in Florida. 

A website and forum have been set up for those concerned about and praying for justice for her

Please check it out, register and do whatever you can to help bring about justice for her.

As I posted up in my “recap” post a while back, a friend and co-worker, Charley “Tuna” Sweezer, was killed last year by a hit and run motorist.  To honor our friend and fellow rider, there was a benefit “poker run” this past Saturday, with all proceeds going to a charity organization that he supported.

It was a beautiful (albeit HOT) summer afternoon.  There were somewhere around 100 riders, of varying ages and experience levels, all brought together by this man whom we all admired, who was affectionately known as the ‘Leader of the Misfits.’ 

Now while Charley was not typically one to wear his riding gear (he said he’d throw on a helmet and his chaps if he was going on a long ride), I was still a bit dismayed to see that, even following his death, none of the riders in attandance thought to protect themselves.  Other than my own friends who’d come with me (who, of course, donned their riding jackets, jeans, boots, gloves and full-face helmets), there wasn’t a ‘geared up’ rider in the whole pack.  Now I know there’s a different mentality between ‘cruiser’ riders and sportbike riders with regard to riding gear, but I guess I would hope that the death of a friend and fellow rider might make at least a FEW other riders reconsider their stance on the matter. 

Anyway, back to the story…. So poker runs will typically traverse a path through the city, stopping at various restaurants and establishments.  And oftertimes, some of these stops will be at bars.  I have a bit of an issue with this, as I feel it encourages drinking and riding (something I’m very adamantly against).  But there’s that whole freedom of choice thing, so I guess I just hope that people will make the safest choice possible, both for themselves, and for other riders (and motorists) on the road.  This simply wasn’t the case during this rider…..

The very first stop was less than 2 miles from the registration/starting point.  It’s a small biker bar/hangout.  They were well stocked on soads and ice cold bottled water, but even at 11:00 a.m., easily 90% of the riders in the group opted for beer.  Or BEERS, I should say, as very few stopped at just one.  Knowing that the heat (and lack of water consumption) was going to only exacerbate the effects of the alcohol, my friends and I decided to leave the first stop early and get out ahead of the group (just to be safer).

The next stop was, again, a bar.  And the first thing on everyone’s mind upon arrival was “Get me a beer!” *sigh*   Again, my little pack and I decided to hightail it out of there, and enjoy the nice stretch of road that took us to the next stop (an actual restaurant this time, not just a bar).

Half an hour or so after we got there, the rest of the herd caught up to us.  We had already been seated, gotten some lunch ordered, and were enjoying nice tall glasses of iced water and tea.  And as expected, the other riders made a bee-line for the bar, this time not stopping at just beer, but partaking of a vast array of mixed drinks.

By the time we’d finished with lunch, there were more than a few slurring, stumbling riders around, and we decided to just skip the last stop (which was, again, at a bar).  As we walked out to the parking lot, there was a small group of absolutely shit-faced riders hanging out on the front porch, enjoying a smoke… I was just disgusted.  What kind of a way is this of ‘honoring’ a fallen rider?  How does getting drunk (and not wearing anything to protect yourself, not even a helmet) and throwing a leg over your bike show honor to our friend?  How does that sort of behavior honor his memory?

In short, it doesn’t.  And yet, because it was a motorist (and not by any fault of his own) that he was killed, I’m sure none of them see it that way.

If they do a 2nd annual Tuna Run in 2009, I’m going to have ‘Don’t drink and ride!’ t-shirts made, and my friends and I will proudly wear them.  Even if one rider gets the point, it will be worth the effort.

RIP my friend.

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